Hierarchical Crop and Agriculture Taxonomy version 2 (HCATv2)

HCATv2 is a taxonomic representation of the data based on the HCAT(v1), EAGLE-Matrix and EU regulations. It augments the data with further classes to cover all available classes in the dataset of each country i.e. : Austria, Slovenia and Denmark. A 10-digit HCATv2-code represents the class and corresponding level. This allows us to save the entire code and cut it as required.


Using HCATv2-code solves multiple issues present in the data while scaling up. Each country has its own system and granularity when it comes to labelling crop classes which creates problems. When harmonising the data, aspects can get lost or oversimplified as well as create a bias for certain classes. Data-driven methods need a dataset that represents the distributions in the real world.

HCATv2 (simplified)

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